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180 Mykonos Sunset Bar - Mykonos Wedding Venue

180 Sunset Bar Mykonos


There is a unique spot in Mykonos, of sublime beauty, where the view from the top of the hill can really touch you! This is 180 Sunset Bar Mykonos, the astounding location of which makes it great for an unforgettable Mykonos wedding reception.

Our 180 Sunset Bar wedding planning services can go beyond your expectations as it is our pleasure in Mykonos Wedding to coordinate everything in detail and enjoy the outstanding outcome as much as you do. This superb wedding venue is one of the greatest spots on the island for a heavenly Mykonos wedding reception. You will definitely adore the romantic swing hanging from the eucalyptus tree in the middle of the yard! This is a spell-binding element for your wedding snapshots. Add to that the amazing view over Chora, as well as the yachts and fishing boats floating in the azure waters. 

Wedding reception at 180 Sunset Bar Mykonos

Mykonos Wedding can arrange your wedding reception at 180 Sunset Bar Mykonos any time of the day. The golden sunset or the lovely colors of the dusk can serve as the background for a unique, elegant wedding party. We never fail to surprise you with our skill to incorporate the elegant decoration of 180 Sunset Bar Mykonos venue into the style of your choice.

You see, your Mykonos wedding reception can be truly flawless in 180 Sunset Bar as it is an integral part of the special summer mindset you will encounter on the island. Imagine how ecstatic you and your guests will be, slowly sipping cocktails, enjoying to the fullest your Greek island wedding experience. As you and your other half are ready to embark on your lifetime journey together, allow us, your Mykonos Wedding planners, to provide you with delightful memories of your Mykonos wedding reception.