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Celebrants in Mykonos
Mykonos Wedding Celebrants

Meet our Celebrants Domenicos & Katiana

Meet Domenicos

Top wedding celebrant in Mykonos

Domenikos as one of the best wedding celebrants in Mykonos brings a wealth of wedding experience and a genuine passion for crafting unforgettable wedding ceremonies. With his warm personality and attention to detail, celebrant Domenikos ensures every moment is meaningful and personalized to your love story. His ability to connect with couples and create a relaxed, joyous atmosphere makes him a favorite wedding celebrant among those looking for a heartfelt wedding. As a celebrant, he excels at making each wedding ceremony unique and memorable.

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How we met

 Celebrants Dominikos and Katiana form a dynamic team of wedding celebrants in Mykonos and in Greece. Committed to bringing your vision to life and making your special day extraordinary.

Meet Katiana

Elegant Wedding Celebrant

Katiana is known for her creative approach as a wedding celebrant in Greece and dedication to making each wedding ceremony unique. Her vibrant energy and enthusiasm shine through in every wedding she officiates as a celebrant. With a background in storytelling, celebrant Katiana excels at weaving personal narratives into the wedding ceremony, making it a memorable and emotional experience for everyone involved. As a wedding celebrant, she brings her unique flair to every wedding ceremony. 

Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary wedding ceremony or a gay wedding in Mykonos, Katiana will work closely with you to ensure it reflects your personalities and love for each other, no matter which celebrant you will choose .

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A bespoke wedding can happen anywhere on Mykonos and the other Greek islands. You choose the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony. Venue possibilities may include Museums, Restaurants, Homes, Beaches, Beach bars, Lighthouses, Caves, Boats, Sailing boats, Open air Theatres, Traditional squares, private churches.

Why You Might Want a wedding Celebrant in Your Destination Wedding in Mykonos or in the Greek islands.

  • You desire the flexibility to hold your wedding anywhere, not just in a ‘licensed venue’ with a roof. Imagine a beach wedding, a summer vibe, a hotel or restaurant in Mykonos or in any of the greek islands —anywhere your imagination leads you! A wedding celebrant offers the freedom to choose your perfect location.
  • You want a completely unique, bespoke wedding ceremony tailored specifically for you as a couple, which a wedding celebrant can provide.
  • You’re looking for something truly special and meaningful to you—whether it’s an intimate micro wedding or a grand celebration, a wedding celebrant can create this experience.
  • Perhaps you’ve already had a wedding, but wish to celebrate with friends and family, allowing them to share in a beautiful, romantic, and fun wedding ceremony created by a wedding celebrant.
  • You might not be interested in a ‘legal ceremony’, but still want to express your commitment to each other in front of your loved ones, which a wedding celebrant can facilitate.