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Mykonos Wedding Event Highlights

Dive into the experience of Mykonos Wedding!

Tom & Kylene make an impressive entrance


When Tom and Kylene fell in love, they couldn’t imagine that this relationship would end up with them getting married in one of the most captivating Greek islands. The couple was mesmerized by the charming beauty and the lifestyle in Mykonos and decided to organize their dream destination wedding here. 

The bride walked down the aisle towards the love of her life in an elegantly decorated orthodox church. After exchanging their vows in a romantic ceremony, the reception venue welcomed all the guests and made them feel comfortable until the wedded couple was there.

The arrival of the couple truly blew everyone away as they made an impressive entrance coming by boat at Nammos restaurant. Everyone indulged in a tasteful meal that gave them the energy they needed to let loose and dance for hours on end. 

Tom and Kylene will always remember Mykonos as the incredible island where they took their vows and became one for a lifetime.