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Escape into Mykonos landscape and relish everything the island has to offer you and your wedding party

A wedding is not only about the couple and their unison. It is also about sharing their love and commitment before the eyes of the people they love and trust.Sharing the joy that a wedding brings is an extra spark to our wedding planning in Mykonos Wedding.

Follow Mykonos Wedding planners’ ideas on how to join your guests and family members in various activities, so that everyone is in amazing spirits while enjoying quality time with their loved ones. Why not enjoy pre wedding sunset cocktails with your friends? How about a bachelor party or bachelorette party that will help take pressure off the couple? Isn’t it lovely to have a post wedding beach brunch where you can catch up with guests you may not get to see often and decompress?

Mykonos Wedding has the ability to make such services available to you and takes it a step further by arranging special care for children and activities solely dedicated to their entertainment. We are fascinated to help turn this special occasion into a genuine vacation for everybody.

Bachelor & Bachelorette party

Tomorrow you will turn a new leaf,your life next to your other half is about to begin. The occasion definitely calls for a party. Whether you have chosen Mykonos  as a wild party destination suitable for your bachelor party and can’t wait for bar hopping or if you expect calm music and quiet  conversation among friends to enjoy a bachelorette celebration on a starry night, our skilled Mykonos Wedding planners come up with a vast range of ideas on throwing a party absolutely tailored to your own preferences.

Children’s care

While guests of a younger age tend to go unnoticed, Mykonos Wedding has numerous resourceful ideas on incorporating children into the event. Parents can rest assured that their kids can be creatively entertained according to their age while the adults are at the ceremony, thus allowing everyone to get the best out of the wedding experience.

Post wedding beach brunch

Spend the whole day on the beach,among your friends and loved ones. Gaze at the picturesque windmills on the blue horizon, chatting and re-experiencing your wedding day. Discuss the secrets of the wedding cake and what a romantic idea your Mykonos elopement was. Mykonos Wedding highly recommends the idea of hosting a post-wedding brunch where the couple and the guests can relax stress free.

Pre wedding sunset cocktails

Seize the opportunity to watch the Aegean Sea turn red and golden as the sunset approaches.  Savor local Mykonos wines and cheer the couple to be wed. Indulge yourself into a pre wedding sunset cocktail party to prepare for the impeccable ceremony that is to come.

Sound and visual effects

Every so often, it just so happens that a song or a musical theme gives you the sensation that it showcases your sentiments for the person you love. It goes without saying Mykonos Wedding planners can include your favorite songs on your wedding reception making a very specific, customized musical score for the whole occasion. The same goes for fireworks and special light effects  which are all integral  parts of the astonishing ceremony we wish to plan for you. All your senses should participate in this spectacular destination wedding in Greece.

Guest and family activities

It is an honor for our wedding planners in Mykonos Wedding to pamper your guests and family members throughout their stay in Mykonos. Hence, we make it our top priority to plan several activities for them and the newlyweds, keeping in mind it’s all about spending quality time together. After all, it is a unique chance to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the island. Did you have in mind watersports or a guided tour for instance? Mykonos Wedding is there for you, ready to plan any activities you may desire.

“Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation.
We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.”

Leo Buscaglia