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Mykonos Wedding Event Highlights

Dive into the experience of Mykonos Wedding!

Richard & Rachel: A dream comes true


Richard and Rachel dreamed of getting married in the alluring island of Mykonos as the energetic lifestyle and the outstanding beaches had stolen their heart.

The experience of one single wedding was not enough for them to share their deep love for one another and so, they decided to get married twice and have both a civil marriage and a religious ceremony. 

On the first day, the exquisite decoration of the local town hall amazed all the guests and created a unique atmosphere for the couple to take their vows. Having already got married at the town hall, Richard and Rachel felt the need to also be joined together in holy matrimony. Their second wedding took place in an exquisite villa that swept them off their feet the very moment that they laid their eyes on it. An exceptional wedding reception was organized at the villa and everyone had a blast and danced frantically to the rhythm of the music.

The couple will always reminisce about their wedding day as it will remain etched on their mind forever.