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  • Alemagou - Mykonos Wedding Venue

Alemagou Mykonos


Is there such a thing as an immaculate beach wedding venue? Is there a place where you feel like there are no worries in this world? A wedding venue so inviting that makes you feel like you belong there? Indeed there is!

Mykonos Wedding planners are ecstatic to present Alemagou Mykonos wedding venue, knowing that it is going to be a divine backdrop for your nuptials. Alemagou is the kind of venue where summer is a state of mind! In Alemagou earthy colors of rock and wood meet the soft golden sand. Your guests will be elated! 

Alemagou Mykonos, simplicity and elegance

If a serene and cozy ambience for your destination wedding in Greece is what you desire, then this is the perfect Mykonos wedding venue for you. Whether you’re opting for a total white wedding palette or wish to spruce it up with colors, the simplicity and elegance Alemagou Mykonos is offering can only lead to an astounding wedding reception. Mykonos Wedding planners cherish this unique wedding venue because the high-end architecture of Alemagou magically blends with the landscape, dazzling both newlyweds and guests!

Our team in Mykonos Wedding highly recommends that you hold your luxury wedding reception here. Not only are the culinary arts of this venue ultimately pleasing, but the occasional glimpse at its splendid, secluded beach is going to cast a permanent spell on you. Trust us when saying that Alemagou wedding venue is one of the details your friends and family will remember fondly from your ‘big day’! 

Don’t miss out on the chance to plan a beach wedding reception which will delight everyone. Under the sunshine or under the moonlight, Mykonos Wedding guarantees that Alemagou can be the picture-perfect venue that will enhance your overall Mykonos wedding experience!