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Kalua - Mykonos Wedding Venue

Kalua Mykonos


We’ll let you in on a little secret… Postcards from Mykonos don’t do it justice. This island is far more astonishing than what you see in photos. Mykonos Wedding planners are delighted to present a unique beach wedding venue on the lovely island of Mykonos, Kalua!

In an idyllic location, the bay of Paraga, Kalua Mykonos is the ideal beach wedding venue for you, with direct access to the beach. Exquisitely decorated with driftwood and artistic touches of rock and wood, Kalua Mykonos is suitable for your dream beach wedding event. The tamarisk trees on the beach, an integral part of Greek summer landscape, provide adorable shade for a magnificent beach banquet. 

Mykonos Wedding planners strongly believe that Kalua wedding venue in Mykonos, known for its cosmopolitan style, will delight your senses in multiple dimensions. Elements of nature in the decor make it a feast for the eyes while the menu and the cocktail bar ascertain the satisfaction of your guests.

Kalua Mykonos beach wedding venue is an awesome place. Under the starry sky at night or the colors of the scarlet sunset, your beach wedding event in Mykonos is bound to be mesmerizing. Our experienced staff in Mykonos Wedding guarantees the perfect planning of a glorious beach wedding celebration, tailored to your personal needs and budget.